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Geocollection is pleased to offer with professionalism, experience, guarantee and discretion, a series of laboratory services dedicated to the professional preparation of fossils and paleontological material.

Our collaborators and preparers, after years of experience in the field and in the laboratory, are able to offer a whole series of professional works and restoration of your finds. We guarantee precise quotes and use all modern preparation techniques as well as having equipped and professionally equipped laboratories able to operate on any type of processing, rock and fossil.

We always work with great transparency and any job is always faced with seriousness and professionalism, always trying to obtain the best result for the customer also from an economic point of view.


We use the following preparation and processing techniques:

- preparation with vibropenne (compressed air hammers) various types and tips for different processes and / or needs

professional sandblasters (various types with various sands)

- removal and manual processing with professional instruments under stereomicroscopes

- chemical preparation (selective acid etching)

- cutting and polishing

- 3D mounting and positioning

- preservation and restoration of compromised or deteriorated fossils

- creation of molds and replicas

- 3D scanning

- organization of collections and / or restoration of the same with modern techniques

We always create a Laboratory and Preparation Diaro that will be delivered to the customer, so that you can keep track of both the techniques used, the material and tools used, as well as the hours used for the work, all accompanied by photos and videos.


Mosasaur preparation


We are available for any requests and quotes, so if you want to contact us you can use the form at the following link or send us an email to the following address, specifying the type of preparation that you want or the result you want to achieve, we will try to respond as quickly as possible and be as comprehensive as possible.

Thanks and Good day from Geocollection Lab, Cinzia and Nicola