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Wood lamp (UV)

Wood lamp (UV)

Technical features:

4W tube
Wavelength of the UV tube: 352 nm.

Dimensions 162x55x20 mm.

Powered by 4 1-cell batteries.

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Wood's lamp emits an ultraviolet light, which finds application in investigations concerning pictorial surfaces, but which is also of great interest for the study of the surfaces of different types of artefacts. The ultraviolet light generated by the Wood lamp allows in fact to differentiate and / or highlight materials that are not clearly distinguishable from normal observation, allowing the identification of situations of in homogeneity otherwise not identifiable. This type of investigation serves to verify whether the analysed articles have undergone restorations and to what extent. The Wood lamp is also used to verify the authenticity of banknotes, documents, to highlight special inks that cannot be detected with normal lighting and, in mineralogy, to observe some classes of minerals and check the authenticity of amber.

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