FOS065 - Igdamanosaurus aegyptiacus (Zdansky, 1935)

(Mosasauro Globidens)
Igdamanosaurus aegyptiacus (Zdansky, 1935)

Period: Maastrictian 70 m.d.a. (Cretaceous)
Provenance: Khourigba, Morocco.
Size: 22 x 26 mm (25 mm in circumference)

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This is an unusual Mosasaur tooth, Igdamanosaurus aegyptiacus, previously assigned to the genus Globidens. Most Mosasaurs had sharp teeth that had evolved to catch slippery prey like fish. The igudamanosaurus had hemispherical teeth with rounded tips similar to the single ones, which were much more suitable for crushing armored prey like small turtles, ammonites, nautiles and bivalves. The tooth comes from deposits of Cretaceous phosphate (70 million years ago) near Khourigba, in Morocco. These teeth are discovered as part of the massive phosphate extraction operations in the area. Teeth in this beautiful condition may be difficult to acquire as many are damaged or destroyed by mining equipment.

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