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Volumes dedicated to Mineralogy


Volumes dedicated to Mineralogy

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copy of Rivista "Fossili e... copy of Rivista "Fossili e...
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copy of Rivista "Fossili e Minerali" n.1-3 del 2021

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Rivista "Fossili e... Rivista "Fossili e...
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Rivista "Fossili e Minerali" n.1-3 del 2021

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LIB028 - Storia Naturale... LIB028 - Storia Naturale...
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LIB028 - Storia Naturale della Toscana

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Storia Naturale della Toscana.Le pagine di pietra raccontano.Gianfranco Barsotti, Maurizio Forli & Andrea GuerriniYear 2019 A book whit 326 color pages, 21x29 cm, with hardcoverItalian language The natural history of Tuscany is described and richly illustrated with a scientific metod but fairly popular text completed by numerous figures with original...

Minerali del Veneto

Veneto minerals

€22.00 Price

Veneto minerals. Discovering the treasures of our region edited by Federico Zorzi and Matteo Boscardin ITALIAN LANGUAGE size: 17 x 24 cm binding: paperback stitched with flaps pages: 336 price: euro 22.00 isbn: 978 88 8314 577 3 illustrations: color, tables and drawings co-edition: Museo Civico di Montebelluna