In dino veritas. Guide to a conscious view of dinosaurs

Volume "In dino veritas". Guide to an aware view of the dinosaurs

Marco Castiello, Marco Lampugnani, Stefano Broccoli

Curator: G. Donati


Year edition: 2011

Pages: 580 p., Ill. 

EAN: 9788890580208


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Written in the clearest and most precise language possible, "In dino veritas" aims to bring the basics of dinosaur science to readers who are not experts in paleontology and natural sciences, thanks also to the contribution of images and drawings of great paleoartists Italian and international. Using the increasingly widespread theories of cladistic analysis, the volume presents the various groups of dinosaurs, their main anatomical features, their evolution and their peculiarities. Furthermore, to make itself accessible to a larger section of the public, the book presents a general introduction to all those disciplines (comparative anatomy, paleontology, phylogenesis, evolutionary biology, etc.) which are fundamental for a correct view of dinosaurs, now increasingly relegated to exclusively infantile and superficial matter. With more than 470 cards of different kinds of dinosaurs, the book is a complete and updated encyclopedia on dinosaurs in Italian.

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