Neogene Sharks of Antwerp - by Stephane Knoll

Neogene Sharks of Antwerp - by Stephane Knoll
Fossil Shark Teeth from the Neogene of Antwerp
Stephane Knoll, 2021
A volume with a very rich iconography on the Neogene fossil shark teeth. A Must HAVE FOR EVERY COLLECTOR
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as the author describes:

"This project initially started with the idea of making a photo album of some of my best fossil finds from in and around the city of Antwerp, purely for my own personal enjoyment. Anyhow, this escalated quickly as I started to add more and more pictures. I started with a single specimen for each species (the book now counts 41 species in total), then I increased the number of pictures from all species to finally add reconstructed dentitions to present a more complete overview of the Neogene shark fauna of Antwerp. Somewhere along the way I realized I wouldn’t be able to complete this project alone so I reached out to a few likeminded people and headed out for some lengthy afternoon photoshoots. I collected as much pictures as I could and started filling in the gaps. In addition, I began replacing some of my own fossils with more representative and/or more esthetic examples I had photographed elsewhere. By this time, I had abandoned my initial idea of making a book for my own personal use and reformed this project to what it is today: a visual reference to the Neogene shark teeth of the Antwerp region.

At the end, the book counts a total of 390p. It has a small 9p introduction, followed by high quality photographs of the shark teeth of the 41 species that can be found in the Neogene of Antwerp. Multiple tooth positions are shown for each species and a jaw reconstruction is made for each shark family. Each photograph is accompanied by descriptive information including name, common name, status, time period, where the fossils were found and where they currently reside (all pieces illustrated in this book belong to private collections). "

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