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Geocollection was born as an idea during the year 2008, becoming a reality in 2009 following the experience gained in the natural sciences during trips and fairs around the world. The basic idea of Geocollection is to make the products of interest to you with professionalism and quality.

The finds and equipment for sale on Geocollection are chosen based on aesthetic and scientific values, Geocollection is born of enthusiasts of the sector and for this reason will offer a series of added values that will allow to offer its customers quality, reliability and originality. Guarantees of authenticity, certification and complete description of each find are the practice for the correct presentation in our catalogs.

  • Products of the highest quality
  • Excellent customer service
  • Money back guarantee within 30 days

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Geocollection offers controlled, certified, warranty-backed items chosen one by one by industry experts

Each Fossil, Shells and Minerals is always accompanied by a card and a guarantee. Each item is shipped ensuring that the packaging offers high safety standards and guarantee of delivery and without unpleasant incidents.

In Geocollection you can find much of what you usually look for your collection, exhibition, personal passion, teaching, materials and equipment as well as scientific publications from around the world. Our catalog contains numerous categories divided according to the worlds of Paleontology, Mineralogy, Malacology and we also have sections dedicated to collection equipment, cataloging, publications with volumes and books.

Geocollection actively collaborates with the publishing and scientific world. Geocollection published volumes and publications in collaboration with publishers of the scientific world, itself promotes publications of scientific and collectious interest. We are direct sponsors of on-line scientific publications that allow us to divulge the subjects that are dearest to us.

Geocollection is always looking for new products. You can contact us freely if you think you have interesting products for Geocollection.

Geocollection offers additional services to its customers, if you are looking for a fossil, mineral, shell or editorial product you can sign up and ask to report via e-mail when this product is made available again, also subscribing to our newsletter you will receive constant updates on the products in the catalog .

Hoping to offer concrete help to what you are looking for your collections, exhibitions, schools, or small Geocollection laboratory wishes you a pleasant reading of our catalogs, and if you have any questions you can contact us without problems.


Best regards from all the Geocollection staff - Thanks and happy surfing on our website!
N.A. Cosanni Director Geocollection


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