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Volumes dedicated to Malacology


Volumes dedicated to Malacology

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Malacofauna pliocenica... Malacofauna pliocenica...

Malacofauna pliocenica umbra - A. Malatesta 1974

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Malacofauna Pliocenea Umbra - A. Malatesta 1974 Ist. Police and mint of the State-State Archives, 1974 cm.24.5x34, pp.498, 32 tavv.ft. br. Coll. Memories to serve the description of the Geological Charter of Italy, XIII. EAN 2560028326608 Used but in excellent condition - like new The volume that should find a place in each library...

Cônes de Martinique et de Guadeloupe - Cone Shells of Martinique & Guadeloupe Cônes de Martinique et de...

Cônes de Martinique et de Guadeloupe - Cone Shells of Martinique & Guadeloupe

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A comprehensive guide to a family of shells widespread throughout the Caribbean: Conidae. This comprehensive guide, updated with the latest scientific data, will delight those who want to know more about these mollusks whose venom is studied worldwide for the manufacture of drugs. 122 colored plates containing 580 specimens will allow you to identify each...

LIB028 - Storia Naturale... LIB028 - Storia Naturale...
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LIB028 - Storia Naturale della Toscana

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Storia Naturale della Toscana.Le pagine di pietra raccontano.Gianfranco Barsotti, Maurizio Forli & Andrea GuerriniYear 2019 A book whit 326 color pages, 21x29 cm, with hardcoverItalian language The natural history of Tuscany is described and richly illustrated with a scientific metod but fairly popular text completed by numerous figures with original...