20 gr Silica sachet to remove humidity from the drawers

Dehydrating sachets silica gel 20g grams

Single size sachet: 9 x 11 cm with a thickness of about 7 mm

Often used for museum drawers and containers for the collections

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Silica gel sachets, standard 20 grams, sealed in a molecular high density polyethylene bag. Standard 20 gram sachets are a medium-small dehydrating product format. Useful for dehydrating content of various kinds with content volume (bags, drawers, medium boxes, bottles, bulletin board etc.).

Absorption capacity: at an ideal temperature of 23 ° C and environmental humidity by 40%, the ability to absorb water vapor of the silica gel sachet is 20% of its initial weight.

The sachets are all sealed in packs of molecular high density polyethylene (HDPE) to preserve the sachets with premature contact with humidity during storage or transport. As long as the sachets are kept sealed inside the HDPE package, they can remain intact for months.

They can be regenerated once exhausted with a quick passage in the microwave (max 3/4 times)

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